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Let's travel to Oman and here’s why 👇🏼 (to be honest, it was VERY hard not to give every place a 10. Oman is one of those rare places that everywhere exceeds your expectations) ✔Wadi Shab 10/10 - an incredibly beautiful group of natural pools with turquoise water and a cave with a waterfall inside, all in the middle of a stunning canyon. Highly recommend! ✔Bimmah Sinkhole 8/10 - this sinkhole is super cool, but I didn’t find it as good to swim, so I gave it an 8 for that. I still highly recommend going there (it’s a short drive from Wadi Shab). ✔Sultan Qaabos Grand Mosque 10/10 - the most beautiful mosque I’ve ever visited. Jaw-dropping architecture and the details inside are also magnificent. ✔Al Hamra mud village 7/10 - Al Hamra is one of the most famous abandoned mud villages in Oman. Although I really loved walking around this place, if I HAD to pick something to skip because I was short on time, I would consider skipping this. ✔Wahiba Sands 10/10 - a beautiful ocean of giant golden sand dunes that turn orange as the sun gets low, with camels walking in the distance. Wahiba Sands stole my heart, and it’s a must to spend at least one night in a desert camp here. ✔Jebel Akhdar 7/10 - a mountain region in Oman with endless valleys, canyons, and terraces. The views are beautiful but compared to all the other places we visited in Oman, it takes the last place on my list. ✔Nizwa Fort 10/10 - the most beautiful fort I’ve ever visited, so I highly recommend stopping here. We went twice to photograph every corner because I couldn’t get enough of it! ✔Nizwa Souqs 9/10 - the souqs in Nizwa are so peaceful, with zero aggressive selling. The only reason I gave it 9 and not 10 is that I didn’t find it to have a LOT of diversity of things to buy - it was mainly pottery and jewelry. ✔Jabreen Castle 10/10 - a true hidden gem in Oman. It looks like a mix of India and Morocco. It’s a fairly big castle with lots of rooms to explore. It was one of my favorite stops in Oman! ✔Daymaniat islands 1000/10 - A group of 9 uninhabited little islands with turquoise water, colorful fish, sea turtles, and almost no one around. My favorite day in Oman was the day we spent snorkeling on these islands. ❤️ 📷 @professionaltraveler


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Early Morning in KonPring Village
Early Morning in KonPring Village
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