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❤️‍🔥How much do you value time?❤️‍🔥 Time and people are the two most important aspects of one life. If we don't prioritise them, we usually end up losing them in regret. One of the reasons why people fail to accomplish anything in life is a lack of respect for their or someone else's time. When we value time, we look for ways to make it productive, limit activities that end up wasting our time and, in the process, find more opportunities, create new connections and become more efficient. To make the best use of your time, plan ahead. Don't engage in unwanted conversations or activities. Remember, lost time never returns; value your and other people's time. Dr Bhawna Gautam #time #productivity #value


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Gợi ý chọn món ăn theo mùa tại nhà hàng Mạn
Gợi ý chọn món ăn theo mùa tại nhà hàng Mạn
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