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“My daughter was out looking for a photo of ‘nature’ for her photography class. We went down to the fairgrounds to maybe get a picture of a lake or some ducks.
After taking lots of pictures and on our way back to the car she found a true hidden secret of nature, something my Grandpa showed me when I was little, and I showed my kids, and I am sure they will show their children.
She found a Cottonwood tree with dry twigs underneath. If you break a dry Cottonwood twig at it’s rings, you will find a star inside.
I remember spending hours collecting Cottonwood sticks and breaking them. 💜 I think she found a beautiful picture to represent nature.”

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Danial Bawany
I’ve seen this before but I didn’t know the story behind it how easy we forget the simple things…thank you for such a great reminder ...
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 · Reply · 2 months ago  
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Alejandro Fernandez
I still check every cottonwood twig I walk by foot the perfect star! Ever since I was in 5th grade!
 · Reply · 2 months ago  
Nguyệt  Tròn's profile picture
 · Reply · 2 months ago  
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