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💥 SELF-DESTRUCTING MESSAGES ON HALOME 💥 . ❓ You fear that widespread copies of your messages will embarrass you in the future, don't you? Do you want to control your online content? . ❗ The world doesn't need to receive broadcasted copies of what you share with your friends and loved ones. Self-destructing messaging guards against the widespread distribution of content. While normal messages live for decades online, you can send messages that are private to you and the recipient with self-destructing messages on Halome. . 💬 What is the self-destructing message on Halome?​ 📍 When you set up self-destructing messages, the message in the chat will get automatically deleted after a period of time set once a message is viewed by the recipient. 📍 The self-destructing message only works for one-on-one chats. 📍 The self-destructing messages timer in each chat is different. 📍 You can't forward, quote, or edit messages that are set to self-destructing mode. 👀 Note: The self-destructing timer does not count from the time the message is sent. It starts from the time the recipient sees the message. --------------------------- 🔥 Experience Halome now with us! 👉 Web: 👉 IOS: 👉 Android:


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        hy vọng Haha lolo cập nhật tính năng Hiện Thị số lượng người Theo dõi
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        Early Morning in KonPring Village
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