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A detailed itinerary in 5D4N to properly explore Ninh Thuan's sunlight and wind
Ninh Thuan is a sunny and windy place. Nature has blessed this area with some of the most one-of-a-kind beauty in Vietnam, and Cham culture is permeated with uniqueness. You can refer to the detailed schedule to tour Ninh Thuan below.
"What else does Ninh Thuan have except the sun, wind, and sea?" many people wonder. If you've ever questioned the same thing, Ha Nguyen's Ninh Thuan 5D4N exploration itinerary will surprise you with the sites to visit.
Ha Nguyen revealed: "Ninh Thuan is the 47th province in Vietnam where I have stepped foot. This province is the central sea with a severe and arid climate resembling the proverb that goes, "Wind is like Phan, sun is like Rang." However, the people and scenery here are fantastic!"
The ideal time to visit Ninh Thuan
The South Central Coast is home to enormous white salt plains and gorgeous beaches. As a result, Ha Nguyen stated that the optimum time to go is between May and August (solar calendar).
Because the central provinces are in the rainy and stormy season between October and November, the windy season in Ninh Thuan lasts from December to January. As a result, everyone must determine the best time to explore this land.
Moving from Hanoi - Cam Ranh - Ninh Thuan
Ha Nguyen begins her journey in Hanoi and goes by plane to Cam Ranh. The round-trip ticket costs around VND 1,200,000 per person.
The distance between Cam Ranh and Ninh Thuan is nearly 60 kilometers. Because of the hot weather and a large amount of furniture, she pre-booked a 4-seater car to pick her up at the airport and drive her directly to Ninh Thuan for VND 500,000 per trip. It takes around one hour to get from Cam Ranh to Ninh Thuan.
What to play in Ninh Thuan
When visiting Ninh Thuan, there are many unique venues to have fun and a variety of fun-filled activities that you should not miss:
Ba Moi Vineyard - Specialty in Ninh Thuan
The Ba Moi vineyard is rather extensive, with gardens growing red, green, and black grapes. "It's phenomenal to be surrounded by a vineyard full of fruit and to be able to cut those bunches of grapes oneself!! You will not be charged an admission fee; only purchase a few kilos of grapes or grape-based specialties, and they will be quite pleased.", Ha shared.
Rai Cave
The route to Ninh Thuan's Hang Rai region is about 35 kilometers from the city center and boasts colorful rocks, odd forms, and a clean stream; the landscape is lyrical. Especially, rough seas are common from November to March of the following year, providing an excellent opportunity to capture waves, sea, and moss-covered corals.
Ticket price: VND 20,000 per person.
Vinh Hy Bay
This location is approximately 40 kilometers outside the city, directly next to Nui Chua National Park. If you don't have sea sickness, you should go on the canoe trip. The bay is modest, but the stunning landscape will not be a disappointment.
Meanwhile, do not forget to check in the Vinh Hy - Binh Lap sea route ( 1 of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam, extending 80km connecting the Ninh Thuan and Khanh Hoa province). If you have time, you can visit Vinh Hy Land with a ticket price of VND 20,000 per person.
Sheep field
The ticket price to An Hoa sheep field (An Hoa village) is VND 20,000 per person. Herds of white, gentle, and friendly sheep are also one of the features of Ninh Thuan.
Tanyoli Mui Dinh
The ticket price to the Mongolian steppe in the heart of Ninh Thuan (about 27km from the city) is 60,000 VND/person. There are also lodging services for individuals who wish to experience and have different activities such as off-road vehicles on the sand 600,000/2 people/vehicle, Motocross VND 200,000/vehicle, playing with sheep, feeding the sheep, grass skiing, kite flying, archery, kayaking...
However, I believe the costs of services in Tanyoli to be pretty high; please take this into consideration!!
Mui Dinh Sand Dunes
Not ashamed to be termed "the country of 300 sunny days," visiting here is like being in the desert sun; it appears that scorching your skin is always marvelous. Everyone should go at dawn or dusk to get excellent photos and escape the intense heat.
Prices of services:
- Ride an excavator across the dunes round trip 300,000/car (10 people)
- Jeep car to go to dunes round trip 500,000/car (5-7 people)
Salt field
You can refer to the following locations: Ca Na: 30km from the center, Phuong Cuu: 15km from the center, and Dam Vua: 10km from the center.
The salt field in the photo appears to be a snow-covered hill in frigid European weather, although it was actually taken in Ninh Thuan's scorching heat. Sunset viewing in the salt fields is also enjoyable.
Po Klong Garai indigo tower
The tower is about 8 kilometers from the center, and the ticket costs VND 20,000 per person. The relic represents the Cham people of Ninh Thuan, who revere King Po Klong Garai.
You may also visit Trung Son Co Tu, Ca Na beach, Dam Nai, Hon Thien mural village, and others.
What to eat in Ninh Thuan
In Ninh Thuan, there are many delicious dishes to which you can refer below:
- Nhuong Bread soup: 284 Ngo Gia Tu
- Khanh Ky chicken rice: 61 Tran Quang Dieu
- Duc chicken rice: 13 Nguyen Thai Hoc
- Pho, Quang Hong noodles: 266 Thong Nhat
- Ba Thuan seasoned vermicelli noodles: October 21, Ho Xuan Huong street
- The soft and thin vermicelli noodles, Mai Ly bread soup: 108 Nguyen Thi Dinh
- The soft and thin vermicelli noodles with pig's guts and roasted pork at Hien restaurant: 45 street 21/8
- Banh Can, Banh Beo: 22 Quang Trung
- Hong grilled beef bread
- Kieu jellyfish vermicelli: 85 Le Loi
- Fish jellyfish noodles: 70 Le Loi
- Cuoi veal: 68 Thong Nhat (calf and goat dishes)
- Sweet soup: Hai sweet soup, durian sweet soup, etc.
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The South Central Coast is home to enormous white salt plains and gorgeous beaches
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