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Suggest interesting and attractive experiences in the Son Tra peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula is known as the "jewel" of Da Nang when possessing a romantic and unspoiled natural setting loved by many people. And if you are planning to visit here, make a schedule to attempt all the experiences listed below to feel all the sheer beauty of Son Tra peninsula!
About Son Tra peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula is a famous place located in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang, about 10km northeast of the city center. This is the only place in Vietnam having an ecosystem associated with the sea and rich vegetation.
This peninsula is not too large, only about 60km2, 13km long, and 5km wide but converges the beauty of the sea, sky, mountains, etc., bringing a lot of delightful surprises for tourists.
Should-not-missed experiences in the Son Tra peninsula
1. Explore Linh Ung Pagoda
One of the experiences in Son Tra peninsula that you cannot miss is visiting Linh Ung Pagoda. This pagoda is located at an altitude of 693m above sea level in Bai But area. It is not only a sacred Buddhist space but also a charming place to visit.
Linh Ung Pagoda in Bai But has unique architecture, from the library, ancestral house, and lecture hall to thousands of sophisticated Buddha statues. In particular, the most special is Vietnam's largest statue of Quan Yin, with a height of 67m. Below the pagoda is the vast ocean with a panoramic view of the vibrant Da Nang city.
2. Conquer Ban Co Peak
Ban Co Peak on Son Tra peninsula is a great coordinate for those who love the meandering and winding mountain roads. On the way up here, you will have the opportunity to discover unique nature: sometimes the forest is covered with dense green, and sometimes the waves below are whispering.
To get to Ban Co Peak, visitors have to go through a long path of steep stone steps. Here there is a statue of a deity playing chess associated with a legendary story. When coming here, you will find that there aren't enough words to fully describe the landscape viewed from Ban Co Peak.
3. Watch the sunrise at Nghe Cape
Watching the sunrise at Nghe Cape is one of the experiences in Son Tra peninsula for those who love romance and clarity. Nghe Cape in Da Nang attracts tourists with clouds silhouetted against clear blue water, especially the brilliant sunrise and sunset here. Nghe Cape is shaped like a majestic lion's head reaching out to protect the sea.
Coming here, you can join local fishermen for squid fishing and night fishing because this is a sea with many squids, shrimp, and fish. This is also a clean and pleasant beach where guests can comfortably swim or participate in a variety of sea activities.
4. Admire the Tien Sa Lighthouse
Tien Sa Lighthouse is located on the top of the mountain and is one of the most popular lighthouses in Da Nang. From the height of 223m of the lighthouse, visitors can zoom out to see the whole city of Da Nang sparkling in the golden sunlight.
Tien Sa Lighthouse is 15.6m high, with a range of illumination of 238.4m. Although built during the French colonial period, to this day, this lighthouse is still in operation and has been restored to become more beautiful. The background at Tien Sa Lighthouse will help you have many Korean-style virtual living photos.
5. Camp overnight at Da Den beach
One of the next experiences in the Son Tra peninsula that Hahalolo wants to share with you is camping overnight at Da Den beach. This is a very HOT camping coordinate in the coastal city. At first, when hearing the name Da Den (Black Rock), many people will probably imagine that there are a lot of rocks here, and indeed it is. Although there are many large rocks, it is still very suitable for tourists to swim in the sea because the seawater is very clear and the waves are gentle.
After a long day of exploring and visiting many places, you can prepare some equipment for overnight camping right at Da Den beach in the evening. Don't forget to enjoy delicious specialties such as red snapper, tiger cowrie, and pyram top shell.
6. Explore Tien Sa eco-tourism site
In the Son Tra peninsula, the Tien Sa eco-tourism site is increasingly attracting tourists. The name Tien Sa partly speaks of the beauty of this place when it possesses majestic mountain scenery surrounding a long, romantic beach.
The beauty of the Tien Sa eco-tourism site is likened to a fairyland that captivates people's hearts. From the peaceful ripples to the immense sandy beach and ocean waves breaking on the rocks, all of which make many tourists reluctant to leave. In addition, this place also gives you many interesting experiences such as canyoning and canoeing.
7. Enjoy fresh seafood
When it comes to experiences in the Son Tra peninsula, don't forget to enjoy seafood. After a long day of exploring the peninsula, treat yourself and your family to a delicious seafood meal. The seafood here is very fresh as it is caught the same day. Some outstanding dishes are tiger shrimp with garlic butter sauce, steamed eel, sweet snail, steamed crab, grilled oysters with onion fat, lobster with cheese sauce, etc. All will make many seafood enthusiasts hard to resist.
8. Take virtual living photos at Obama rocky beach
The most beautiful virtual living spot in Son Tra peninsula is probably Obama rocky beach. This place is famous for its wild and poetic beauty. And the wooden bridges crossing stones are the top photography backdrops.
In addition, when coming to Obama rocky beach, visitors can also participate in many other special activities such as canoeing, taking water motor and high-speed canoe.
9. Swim in Bai But
Swimming in Bai But is one of the experiences in Son Tra peninsula that many tourists choose. Bai But is located right under Linh Ung Pagoda, enclosing the foothills of Son Tra Mountain and carrying in itself the most natural and unspoiled beauty.
Many people compare Bai But to the Buddha realm in the middle of the world because the beautiful natural scenery is like a fairyland. Standing here, you will see the immense sea on one side and the majestic mountains on another side. The space is so peaceful, strangely clear! Not only is it a great swimming spot, but it also offers services such as surfing, skydiving, and diving to see corals.
Above are the most exciting experiences in Son Tra peninsula that you should try. Indeed, your Da Nang trip will become more enjoyable and memorable than ever.
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Ảnh đại diện của Robert Paul
Robert Paul
I visited Son Tra peninsula 3 years ago.
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    Ảnh đại diện của Louis Richard
    Louis Richard
    Did you try all these experiences?
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David Cupchak
can't wait to comeback
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    Leonard Robert
    I wonder when is the best time to come here
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Ảnh đại diện của Jade Smith
Jade Smith
I'm a seafood lover so i think I can't miss fresh seafood here
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