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Locations to experience awe walk in Vietnam
An awe walk is a stroll in which you intentionally shift your attention to the outside landscape and feel new perspectives even on things that are familiar and ordinary. Instead of being immersed in inner emotions, burdens and worries of daily life such as epidemics or unfinished work, awe walk helps you focus your senses to feel the magic of space and be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the world. A study in the journal Emotion found evidence that a regular dose of awe walk can help reduce stress, improve mental health, connect with reality, promote health, and boost positive emotions like compassion and gratitude.
Photo: iam_nhu_y
There are countless ways to experience awe walk such as walking in the middle of nature, green scenery or enjoying the architectural and artistic space. Here are the most frequently mentioned destinations for a walking tour.
Finding a new environment is the first step in the awe walk process. Dalat, Sapa and Ninh Binh with fresh air and green landscapes are the top 3 destinations for walking and exploring the nature that are highly appreciated by Vietnamese tourists.
Photo: im.rot
Dalat is an ideal destination to enjoy and discover the beauty of local culture. Visitors can explore scenic spots such as Elephant Waterfall, Linh An Pagoda, and Van Thanh Flower Village on a walking journey.
Photo: thanuyne_
Sapa is known for its majestic mountainous landscape, which is featured with terraced fields and villages hidden on the mountainside. There are numerous trail systems that connect to each other, allowing you to experience awe walk while enjoying the tranquility and fresh air.
Photo: nynychukchoi
Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site complex in Ninh Binh, the limestone mountains, underground rivers, diverse cave systems and primeval forests offer visitors an ideal opportunity to walk, relax and feel "awe" by the majesty of nature.
When you begin your awe walk, the second step is to feel the ground beneath your feet and listen to the echoes around you. When visiting the three cities of Danang, Vung Tau and Nha Trang, you can take a deep breath, feel the taste of the sea, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and feel the sand shrinking under your feet. These locations have beautiful long beaches where you can enjoy the dazzling beauty of sunrise and sunset.
Photo: quinnphm_
The experience of walking on the beach in Danang will surely be extremely refreshing. As you stroll along the beach stretching more than 28km, you will find yourself being sucked into a vast ocean that is sinking behind vast green forests on the distant horizon. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and explore the beautiful fishing villages while taking an awe-inspiring walk.
Photo: misoa
During the daytime, you should admire the beauty of Champa architecture in Nha Trang or have an aerial view of the sea from the famous lighthouse in Vung Tau. In the late afternoon, you can immerse yourself in the streets in Danang with typical food, such as Quang-style noodles, pork rice paper rolls, Dap cakes or fresh seafood.
Photo: lovely_tina
Once you begin to enjoy walking around, you will soon realize that there are countless opportunities tobe in awe of your surroundings. Enjoy peaceful riverside walks at our top 3 destinations to Hoi An, Hue and Can Tho.
Photo: nttt_20
The dreamy city of Hue is an ideal destination for you to experience the awe walk. On both sides of the romantic Perfume River, there is a public green area with long trails hidden in the shade running along the river.
Photo: yunatyty
After about 3-4 hours away from Hue by car, you will get to the ancient town of Hoi An - which still retains the architecture of 100 years ago. The streets here are interwoven through the old houses with mossy tile roofs, characteristic yellow colors, and colorful cloth lanterns in front of the door. The best thing about Hoi An is undoubtedly its pedestrian-friendly roads, and it's one of the few places in Vietnam where you don't have to worry about the dangers of other vehicles on the road.
Photo: brooklynkitten_
Can Tho city is also a perfect place to stroll along the river at any time of the day. Here, you will find countless old houses, beautiful river views, convenient water transport, floating markets and lots of cafes and eateries.
Photo: thuyhoanne
If you can't leave the city, try strolling at the monuments, zoo or botanical garden in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.
Nothing can compare to discovering a city on your own feet and getting the most realistic experience of where you live, from busy streets to hundred-year-old culinary alleys. Even when it's safe enough to walk around now, you still need to comply with 5K and local regulations when awe walking around the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hoi An are 3 ideal destinations for this activity. Sometimes, walking around the city without a specific destination and letting the roads lead you will be the most effective way to experience “awe walk”.
Photo: iamkoo5
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Ảnh đại diện của Kristen Marie
Kristen Marie
Hoian is always beautiful in my eyes
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    Ảnh đại diện của Miller Manfred
    Miller Manfred
    Kristen Marie Strolling along the ancient town by night with our lover must be one of the best experience that anyone should try once
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Ảnh đại diện của Aretha Henry
Aretha Henry
This view is truly amazing
This view is truly amazing
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    Ảnh đại diện của Albert James
    Albert James
    Aretha Henry many people come here to take a wonderful picture like this
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Louis Richard
I feel so peaceful when seeing these pictures
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