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4D3N Trip To Buon Me Review
“For “warming up” our friendship of seven years, we decided to make a trip to # Buon Me Thuot. Our itinerary lasts 4 days and 3 nights”. The trip departed at 23:00 pm and we went by Tien Oanh car, arriving the destination at about 5:30 am. The weather was pretty cold at that time, brought me a wonderful feeling of this place! Then, we took a taxi and we spent about seven minutes moving to reach homestayzan- 37 Ho Giap. It was our first time to set foot on this land, everything seemed to be strange to us and that was the reason we booked 2-day tour on this travel group also. Surprisingly, our tour guide named@Loveangle My is so great that we could not speak it out. She’s both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. ♥️ We would like to say thank to Mr. Chung Hoa and Ms. Loveangel My for helping us having such amazing trip!
✔Day 1 - MORNING - We had breakfast of dry Pho - Discovered Ban Don (Don Village)- The largest suspension bridge system in Vietnam. - Discovered Trohbu- The Vietnam’s largest Orchid conservation area. - AT NOON - Enjoyed grilled chicken and bamboo-tube rice at Trohbu. - AFTERNOON - Conquered Draynur water cluster. - Got Cacao smoothie at Reu Phong shop. The hottest invited us to try cacao mixed with condensed milk for free, its taste is really delicious. Its weights is 250gr/pack. - EVENING - We ate Vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork at 189 Hoang Dieu - Walked on the street of books and strolled for a while. - Stopped by a department store then headed to our room and gossiped with friends.
✔ Day 2: - MORNING - We had Chia noodle( Bun Chia) of Ms Chua for breakfast( It’s absolutely delicious, and such a big Chia) 😆. - Conquered Da Voi Mountain. You are going to enjoy fresh air when you stand from its peak and immense space will appear in front of your eyes. - AT NOON - Checked in at The Museum of Coffee. - Had lunch of multi- color steam rice roll with egg at 40 Bi H Ale O. - AFTERNOON - Checked in at pine hill( such a virtual-living space). - Ate fried banana, fried sticky rice and fried tomato at a college but I do not remember its name 😉, we had lot of these dishes and surprisingly it costed us 20k only. It was “dirt cheap”. - EVENING - Gave the dish of beef dip tamarind a try at Ca Te eatery. - Drank coffee at Nang shop. - We strolled about 1000m😂, “Rarely we go”. - Continued to stop at a department store to buy some stuffs and went back homestay to have fun with buddies.
✔ Day 3( We did enjoy the trip by ourselves, not followed the tour anymore. We rent 2 motorbikes and went together). - MORNING - We had breakfast of Thanh Loan grilled meat rolls( It is pretty good). - Visited Khai Doan pagoda( What a pity, it is currently under construction) 😊 - AT NOON - Checked in at Trung Nguyen Legend. Do not forget to have breakfast first before coming here, if not you may get drunk of coffee). - Had lunch at an eatery which is opposite to Friends Karaoke( I forgot its name)
- AFTERNOON - Enjoyed Ha Long yogurt - EVENING - Ate Banh Canh Ca Dam at Huong eatery at 57 Hai Ba Trung. It is perfect. - Checked in at Hygge Coffee at 73-75 Han Mac Tu. - Strolled for a while and stopped at Tra Chanh shop on Y Ngong street( The shop was pretty crowded with drinkers, both delicious and cheap). ------------------------------------------------- Cre: Yen Kim #$gnal$#


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