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4 interesting homestays in the center of Hanoi
Instead of visiting crowded tourist sites, choosing to stay at a homestay in the city will be a great experience for couples and a group of best friends on weekends. Homestay is a type of accommodation that is loved by the young because it owns prices and conveniences that are not inferior to the resort space. In Hanoi, you are not difficult to find unique decor houses, many virtual living corners to be able to take photos, relax after a long day. π‹πšπ§π π¦πšπ§ππ’ π‡π¨π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ² With the advantage of being located in many prime locations in the city, each space at Langmandi Homestay is designed and inspired in different styles. For those who love classic beauty, you should try to choose the Langmandi Tiffany room with warm red tones. If you want to see the city view from the four directions through the glass walls, the Langmandi Le-Blanc room will be a great suggestion. Price: 899.000 -1,3 million/night. Capacity: 2-6 people (depending on room type). Customer Reviews: Phan Nguyen: "The homestay decor is bright, eye-catching. I stayed at Babylon with a hanging bed, a delightful experience. Initially, the feeling was a little bit dizzy because of slight vibration, but little by little the feeling was like drifting on the clouds, the host was kind, communicated well". Vlh Phuoc: "Not merely it was a resting place but at Langmandi, it also provided a warm and familiar feeling like being at home. Everything was very comfortable and simple.
𝐂𝐑π₯𝐨𝐞 & π‹πžπ¨ π‡π¨π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ² Located deep in the small alley on Trang Tien Street, 4 rooms of Valse, Sun, Wine, Sea at Chloe & Leo Homestay lie separately on different floors. Space here is designed in the contemporary European style, taking the warm orange, brown tones as the mainstream. In particular, you will find many virtual living corners in each room, cook in a fully equipped kitchen, and relax in the unique bathtub that is regarded as the most special highlight at the homestay. The location is only about 3-5 minutes walk from the Old town center, suitable for you to "escape" on weekends. Price: 899.000 - 1 million/night. Capacity: 2-6 guests. Customer Reviews: Nghia Tran: "The room is designed in the antique style and still ensures enough facilities to use. Another highlight is a bathtub in the room, looks interesting. Each corner can be transformed into super-magical photo angles. " Thy Huynh: "Every detail from the wallpaper, the bed sheet to the bathtub, the kitchen... are in a European style that is extremely clear. This is also what I love."
π“π’π°πšπ₯𝐚 π‡π¨π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ² Just about 700 meters from the Old Town center, Tiwala Homestay is a suggestion for couples who want to take a break from the chaos of life to find a peaceful dating space in the heart of the city. The homestay has 2 locations located on the Tran Quoc Toan Street and Hang Chuoi Street for your choice. The spacious balcony area in each room becomes a big plus. The shared kitchen impresses customers by the brick wall design to create a sense of closeness and fully equipped facilities such as an electric stove, a microwave, a kettle... Price: 300,000-470.000 VND/night. Capacity: 2 people/room. Customer Reviews: Vu Hue: "The homestay was very cozy, but not stuffy because it has a balcony, I thought the room price was so expensive because it is in the center of Hanoi, but amazingly it was very reasonable". Ha Phuong Nguyen: "The room was spacious, also had a balcony to check in comfortably. A plus for some small facilities that not all homestays can satisfy and pamper guests such as makeup remover, facial cleanser, kitchenware... ".
𝐌𝐞𝐒 π‡π’ππžπšπ°πšπ² π‡π¨π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ² If you want to find a dreamy stopover in the heart of the bustling city, Mei Hideaway is a suggestion for you. Room size here is not too wide and is designed to be a minimal way. All objects are cleverly arranged, creating a harmonious overall architecture. The homestay owns 2 bedrooms and a common living space with a living room and dining room. Each room has a light-filled balcony overlooking the Truc Bach Street, which provides a relaxed and pleasant feeling. Price: 1,3 - 2,3 million/night. Capacity: Maximum of 6 people. Customer Reviews: Hoang My Giang: "For Giang, Hanoi has never been a peaceful one, no matter where it is noisy of the bustling city. However, when I came to Mei on a sunny spring day, I forgot all the mess and loved Mei right from the first moment. " Chu Thao: "At Mei, my perception of the seasons seemed to disappear. Mei was as gentle as the atmosphere in autumn. Mei has flowers and tea. Not much, but enough. Olive oil filled the room."
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